Hotel Program
HexaTravel Hotel Program

HexaTravel leverages its global client portfolio to develop strong relationships with the world’s leading industry suppliers to give our guests choice, availability and competitive prices. HexaTravel aims to providing clients with the services and solutions required to meet their requirements. By understanding the unique requirements of each industry, HexaTravel is in a position to develop tailor-made solutions for all industries.

HexaTravel Offerings

The HexaTravel Hotel Program includes:

  • PREMIER accommodations, with thousands of value-added amenities.
  • GLOBAL Tie up with more than 31,000 properties, 153 countries and 7,382 cities.
  • COMPREHENSIVE product categories and last room availability.
  • RELIABLE savings with Negotiated Rate or better; discount on BAR at more than 15,000 properties.
  • EXTENDABLE support by HexaTravel Desk, offering expert handling of Block Space Requests for sold-out situations and Small Group Requests for more than Ten rooms.
  • EXCLUSIVE benefits, unique promotions, and discounted rates through extensive partnership with HexaTravel Preferred Suppliers.

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