Risk Management
HexaTravel Risk Management

HexaTravelintelligence team helps to keep our clients safe and secure.Business travel has enough hurdles. Minimize additional surprise and stress to our clients caused by unexpected events such as strikes, natural disasters, and political unrest. Provide up-to-the-minute security updates before and during travel.

Hexa Travel Advisories

Our endeavour is to build long-term relationships through our offerings and service levels. We help you with the latest travel advisories by providing critical news before our clients travel overseas.

Hexa Travel Tracker

Our trained and expert personnel take care of all aspects of travel related services. Getting immediate access to travellers affected by unsafe events that could impact their itineraries or personal safety.

Our advice

Complement the cultural tips and city guides contained within our country; reports & provide an added layer of security for company assets – from equipment, & information to reputation & personnel.



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